Storm Restoration

Emergency Response Crews for National Storm Restoration

power restoration team

Emergency & Disaster Response

You never know when disasters will strike—that’s why we’re always ready to mobilize! We’ve partnered with numerous customers and utilities across the United States to help restore power for people affected by natural disasters. 

We have the manpower and equipment to provide rapid emergency response crews for any storm restoration effort. We have supported our customers’ restoration efforts after hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, snow and ice storms. We’ve helped our customers rebuild and repair thousands of miles of distribution and transmission lines and equipment.

You deserve a company that understands the importance of maintaining a strong relationship, open communication and safety. We’re 100% dedicated to ensuring that our work is completed quickly and safely. In fact, our safety personnel are dispatched to support our restoration teams and remain on site througout all restoration projects. 

Just like you, we want to help your area residents get lives back to normal as quickly as possibleand we’ll work tirelessly to do so!

power restoration crew

Storm Restoration Capabilities:

  • National Support
  • Proven Experience
  • Rapid Mobilization
  • 24/7 Maintenance
  • Fault Location & Repair
  • On-Site Safety Team
  • Specialized Fleet
  • Fully IBW Trained








Always Safe.

Helping Millions Get Power Across The USA.